Striped Bass Fishing. Charter a fishing trip aboard the Caprice with Captain Bob Sztorc.
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Striped Bass Fishing

Striped Bass fishing - Montauk Long Island NY
35- to 55-pound Striped Bass.

    We specialize in the pursuit of Trophy Striped Bass fish with live eels and bucktailing.

Our fishing specialty is in the rips of Montauk, Block Island Sound, and the Fisher-Orient chain of islands, better known as �Cow Country.�

With over 35 years experience pursuing Trophy Striped Bass (30 lbs.+) and upwards of 1,500 nights on the water, We can produce exciting striped bass fishing with full angler participation.

Providing Striped Bass fishing at Montauk Long Island New York, all skill levels with information about any technique.

Fishing is as old as our nation. It is very peaceful and can be a very beautiful experience. The sky near the ocean at night is usually darker, so you'll see more stars. You'll see lots of shooting stars, beautiful sunsets or sunrises. You'll also experience a quietness and solitude that can actually be spiritual. Nighttime is the best time for this particular kind of fishing and the later you go the less crowded it is. I've been at the shores of Montauk and Fishers Island at dusk and have been shoulder to shoulder and backs to the wall. Other times I've been the only (I think) person out there. There's nothing like it.

      50 pound Striped Bass
50-pound Striped Bass.


Captain Bob Storc
1-800-678-BASS (NY)

62 School St.
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Charter a Striped Bass Fishing Trip aboard the CAPRICE with Captain Bob Storc.

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